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Peanut Butter | All-Natural

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Amna's Naturals & Organics Natural Peanut Butter

Health Benefits:

  • Source of protein, potassium and healthy fats
  • Aids in weight loss and muscle building
  • Rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Improves heart and brain health

Nutrition Information: Per Tablespoon (~15grams)
Calories 90
Fats 7g
Proteins 4g
Carbohydrates 3g 
(Fiber: 1.5g)
Net Carbs: 1.5g

Roasted Peanuts (Seriously, That's all!)

- NO Preservatives
- NO Artificial Colours & Flavours
- NO Hydrogenated Fats
- NO Stabilizers
- NO Additives
- NO Compromises

All Natural - no artificial chemicals, flavours, colours, or additives of any sort.
The only additive we use is Love! 

Storage & care:
Store in an air-tight container and keep it in a cool, dark & dry place.
P.S: For a true, all natural peanut butter, oil separation is perfectly normal.
Tip – when you get the jar home, give it a good stir (have patience, move slowly and be careful about overflowing oils) and keep it in the fridge to prevent the oils from separating again.

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Customer Reviews

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Sana khan Nadeem
Perfect Experience with Peanut butter

I was scared to eat peanut butter available at markets , 'cuz you know keeping the healthy diet intacted. But as I came across Amna"s Organic Products , & specifically about Peanut butter , I couldn't resist to purchase one for a trial. And man! I am stressed fre now. It's amazing in taste , it's healthy , and hassle free. I would recommend this site for all organic items, edibles.
Sana khan Nadeem

Javeria Wazir

Tastes just like peanuts ♥️ Just wish the quantity was a little more compared to the price.

Ali Asif

Mostly I eat peanut butter but 2 bed it's teste and smell but I really like your peanut butter because it's teste is really real and pure inshallah in November I order my next parcel moringa powder thankyou Amna love you all

Sana Ali

Awesome 👌

Zuhan Saeed
High Price

It is nice but I believe it is overly priced