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Mundo Novo 1943

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Born from a natural cross of Bourbon & Typica varieties in the municipality of Mundo Novo, Brazil and first discovered in 1943.

  • Single Origin
  • Specialty Grade
  • 100% Arabica

    What makes Mundo Novo special?
    It's bold tasting notes of Chocolate, Caramel & Almond.
    While typically associated with darker roasts, these bold, smooth notes shine through in this bean at just a medium roast.
    The result?
    A delicious, medium-bodied cup of bold notes without the high acidity of a darker roast.

    • Origin: Brazil - Mundo Novo region
    • Altitude: 940 - 1440m
    • Processing: Natural
    • Rosting: Medium+
    • Acidity: Medium-
    • Body: Medium
    • Q Grader Score: 86.5

      Recommended Brewing Method: Pour Over to extract the entire spectrum of flavors and aromas with minimal risk of over-extraction

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1 review

      Legit the best beans I've tried in Pakistan and I've tried them all!

      I am so happy that I can now buy freshly roasted beans locally that are wayyyy better than any of the imported ones.
      You open the bag and fresh roast fills the air with such a beautiful aroma.

      I'm so in love with these beans I even took them along on a work trip to Dubai!

      Amazing job guys!

      I highly highly recommend every coffee lover in Pakistan to switch to these. Go Local!