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Amna's Naturals & Organics

Gram Flour (Besan) | All-Natural

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Amna's Naturals & Organics Pure Gram Flour (Besan)

Besan is made up dried chickpeas that have been ground up into a gluten free flour.
For those seeking a gluten-free flour substitute, Besan can be useful in place of wheat flour in many recipes.

Chick Peas (Channay) - Washed & Ground to perfection

All Natural - no artificial flavours, colours, or additives of any sort. The only additive we use is Love! <3

Health Benefits:
Rich in fiber, iron, potassium, manganese, copper, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, folate, vitamin B-6 and thiamine.

An excellent source of protein and high in fiber, it provides 21 grams of protein and 10 grams of dietary fiber per100g serving, as well as 25 percent of daily recommended iron intake.

Storage & care:
Keep in a cool, dark & dry place.

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Customer Reviews

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Good product.

Best Besan

This is by far the best besan I have ever bought
Once you use this, you will be able to tell the quality instantly
The cheaper besan in the market is not good, you have to try this!

Absolutely amazing

I am trying to go gluten-free, not that I have been diagnosed with anything but see for myself that after eating the conventional carbs, they bother my tummy. I came across chickpea flour and used Amnas Besan to make 'flour less cheese bread'. Absolutely amazing taste, I will never go back to regular flour again! Look forward to trying new recipes with this flour. I also use it for face masks. What a versatile, amazing product! Thank you!