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Amna's Naturals & Organics

Almond Butter | Natural

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Amna's Naturals & Organics All-Natural Almond Nut Butter

A hearty spread made with lightly roasted premium almonds (and nothing else) 

Texture: Smooth

Flavour: Rich & Deep

High in fibre, iron, calcium, magnesium and good fats (mono-unsaturated & poly-unsaturated), this nut-butter is a heavenly, guilt-free treat.

NUTRITION: Per Tablespoon (16g)

Calories: 98 | FAT: 9g | Protein: 3.4g | Carbs: 3g (Fiber: 1.6g) - Net Carbs: 1.4g

INGREDIENTS: Dry Roasted Almonds

All Natural - no artificial flavours, colours, or additives of any sort, it is also naturally gluten free! The only additive we use is Love! 

Storage & care:
Keep refrigerated. 
Since there are no stabilizers, it is normal that oil appears on the surface. Stir well before using.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Syed Fateh Mubin
Almond Butter

I'm very conscious & picky about my food since I was 25 now I'm 33
i eat only healthy food
since 25 I'm not using any kind of sugar,soda,bakery,deep fried meals or unhealthy restaurant food..
Only 2 meals a day(breakfast & lunch)
I never eat after 5 pm till next morning although i keep drinking water or
Seasonal fresh juices
I regularly take L ARGININE 1000 Mg twice a day,garlic supplement 2000 mg per day,turmeric capsules 2000 mg per day,pure honey 1 teaspoon in the morning,1 teaspoon olive oil,1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar,1 glass of pure Buffalo milk & some fresh or dry fruits at noon..
So here is the answer why i bought so much peanutella & almond butter..
I make a multi grain or bran bread sandwich for breakfast filled with either peanut butter or almond butter,dip it into a cup of tea & enjoy
My thoughts are extremely positive about amnas i really appreciate the service
Keep it up guys

Muhammad Younus
Very good product

The product taste was good and it seems very healthy diet. Good quality packing arrived just in time. Thank you..

Tastes natural and organic

Loved the butter… the taste is creamy.. gave four stars because there is slight bitterness in the end of taste.. seems like the almonds are either from the apricot or some almonds were bitter when making the butter.. overall good purchase.. ordered peanut butter and almond butter… loved peanut one more.. will be ordering more soon inshallah.. wish there were bigger packaging available too… the price is also very good as compared to other stuff commercial and non commercial available in the grocery stores and online.

Muffadal Zoib
Almond butter

I order 2 bottles I received it
The quality was soo good

The almond butter smells amazing!

Great Butter

The butter was of really really good quality