Ubtan for Pre-wedding Skin Care

Ubtan for Bride’s Pre-wedding Skin Care Rituals

As the wedding season approaches, all the cloth markets, jewelry stores and beauty salons become loaded with excited bunch of people putting in every effort to make that important day memorable for themselves & everyone else. Out of all the festive activities associated with the wedding preps, the most important ones are the preps of the bride herself. Almost every girl since her childhood dreams of looking pretty at her Big Day! And for that, taking care of her skin becomes one of the most significant things for her pre-wedding preps. Despite heavy makeup these days, even a teeny tiny pimple could ruin the day for the bride. But have you ever thought when there were no such things as serums, beauty creams and lotions, how our grandmothers or mothers had fresh, flawless glowing skin without using any makeup? In Fact their skins were better than ours. Let’s learn the secret behind it!

The Grandma’s Wedding Secret to a Flawless Skin:

In those simple days, people usually used the simple, cost effective things that they thought would be good for skin and were easily available in their pantry or garden. Through their experiments, the best thing that came out was ‘Ubtan’ which is actually the secret behind the beautiful skins that they had. Their tips and tricks were passed on to generations and applying Ubtan before the wedding became a tradition in many areas.

Ubtan for Brides Before The Big Day

Although Ubtan has a lot of benefits for skin making it suitable to be used everyday. But, nowadays it is often associated with Bride to be or the wedding preps. No doubt, every bride wants to flaunt at their wedding. So the use of Ubtan has become a common pre-wedding ritual. People start getting Ubtan massages and use it on a regular basis at least a week before the wedding to enhance their appearance and skin tone. 

Benefits of Ubtan for The Bride

Ubtan contains a lot of nourishing ingredients that are beneficial for the brides leading to a smooth, tight, clear and glowing skin. Since, initially Ubtan was made at home using pantry items, it has a lot of variations and types. The common ingredient in all the variants is Gram Flour and Turmeric which are known for their skin clearing and tightening properties. Given below are some of the reasons why Ubtan should be included in a skin care routine before the wedding: 

  • It improves complexion: A good ubtan contains fruit peels, especially of orange and lemon as they have skin bleaching properties. The presence of Vitamin C in them helps brighten the skin naturally. Moreover, the addition of herbs, flowers & dry fruits acts as a natural face mask to lighten skin pigmentation or any dark spots. It’s the use of ubtan before the wedding that makes you hear “Wah ispe tou bara roop aya hua hai” 😀

  • Ubtan reduces tan:  As you know, brides are often the busiest people before their Big Day. Obviously they have to go through all the shopping spree whether it’s sunny or cloudy. Using ubtan a week before the wedding helps reduce the tan and protects the skin from sun rays. It also acts as a skin exfoliator. Removes dead skin cells, enhances skin texture and provides lively & fresh skin.
  • Tightens pore: Small pores on the skin makes it look smooth and clean. While enlarged ones often get clogged with oil and dirt causing skin problems like acne and pimples.  Ubtan helps tighten the pore and make the skin look radiant while reducing the chances of breakouts. Of course nobody wants to be in a Bridezilla mode with an unwanted and unexpected guest on their face.🤪
  • Ubtan makes skin glow: The natural ingredients in ubtan bring out the natural beauty. The mixture when applied makes a thick paste which acts as an exfoliator and cleanser. It deeply cleanses the skin & provides instant pink glow which plays an important role in the life of the bride. That is why we have often heard of the term “Mayoun” where the bride stays at home and just prepares herself for the big day. The rose petals and other fruit peels also imparts coolness to the face making one feel relaxed. Ubtan when used with rose water also helps reduce the stress which we are sure is at peak in every bride's life. 
    • Reduces the chances of acne: The turmeric and gram flour in ubtan have anti-inflammatory properties, helping in reducing the swelling and redness caused by acne. It also fights the infections and controls excess sebum production, which are one of the main reasons behind acne. Moreover, zinc in gram flour also heals wounds leading to reduced scarring because of acne. 
  • Risk free investment: Ubtan is made using natural ingredients. The pure organic ubtans are free from chemicals thus safe for all skin types. Obviously being a bride, it’s not wise to experiment with beauty products loaded with chemicals and take any kind of risk before the Big Day.  

  • Ubtan & The Pre-wedding Festivities

    Ubtan, because of its benefits, has been used since ages during weddings. Even now, there are a lot of people who understand the benefits of it and incorporate it in their pre-wedding ceremonies. Some of these fun activities and rituals include, Haldi Fights (similar to the Indian Holi, where people fight by applying or throwing ubtan on eachother), Mayoun (where the bride is asked to stay home and have ubtan baths and massages few days before her main day) and pre-wedding gifting (when bride or groom’s side give ubtan as a gift to bride and her friends. Sometimes the ubtan is even given as a gift to the bride by her friends too).

    Pre-wedding Skin Care Tip

    Keeping all these things in mind, we strongly recommend the addition of this magic face pack aka ubtan to your pre-wedding skin care routine and even use it normally on a regular basis as a face cleanser. It is advised to use it once a day or at least 3 times in a week. Start using it at least a month before the wedding and you’ll actually be surprised by the results. 

    Ubtan for Groom to be:

    We know women are obsessed with beauty products & doing all the Totkas to shine on their wedding day making ubtan being associated with females only. However, deep down every man also tries hard to look stunning at his day. Whether they admit it or not! Ubtan is equally good and suitable for them. So if you have a brother why not experiment on him & help him rock his big day too!

     Enjoy the pre-wedding Ubtan Fight & a naturally beautiful skin on your Big Day!

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