The #1 Thing You Have To Do To Be Successful This Year (2017)!

The #1 Thing You Have To Do To Be Successful This Year (2017)!


Give Up Your Unhealthy Lifestyle!

If you want to achieve success with anything in Life, you need to take care of yourself. It all starts with health. So kick off 2017 on the right foot!

There are only two things you need to focus on:

  1. Healthy Diet
  2. Physical Activity

Here are 4 easy tips to start a healthier lifestyle:

  • Drink More Water

Your body is roughly 60% water. And because you constantly lose it, it is imperative to replenish it. Health authorities recommend about 2 liters (about 8 glasses) of water consumption daily. But we often lose track or just forget about it. An easy way to stay on track is to set an hourly alarm on your phone until it becomes a habit. Or try apps like Waterlogged and iDrated, which track your water intake to help you stay hydrated all day long. 

  • Eat A Healthy Breakfast

Kick of your day with a healthy and balanced brekkie (protein, complex carbs and healthy fats). Research suggests that if you start your day healthy, you’re more likely to make healthy choices throughout the day.

“When we skip breakfast, our bodies enter a survival state, promoting body-fat storage,” says Mary Bamford

Healthy Breakfast Tip: Add a spoon full of Amna's Natural Almond Nut Butter or Amna's Natural Peanut Butter on a slice of whole grain bread to fuel your body with the perfect combination of healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates. <3

  • Sweat More = Sleep Better

Research proves that a good workout session improves your quality of sleep. A study by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that a good 30 minute workout helped women with insomnia sleep on average 45 minutes longer and feel perkier the next morning.

Physical activity also helps relieve stress while burning those extra pounds off!

  • One Vice Per Week

This one is our favourite! It's hard to stick to your diet or a healthy lifestyle and socialize. We are in the same boat. Its extremely difficult keeping our hands of Amna's Old Fashioned Peanut Brittle all week. So, we give ourselves one meal a week to go all out. Have a yummy meal with your beverage of preference and have Peanut Brittle for dessert with a nice cup of espresso. 

This way you have something to look forward to - a treat for getting through difficulty and holding strong!

Remember: It's JUST ONE MEAL A WEEK!

Try These & You Will Thank Yourself (and us, maybe) One Day!

"Take Care Of Your Body. It's The Only Place You Have To Live." - Jim Rohn

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