PCOS Remedy: Licorice Root Powder Helps Balance Hormones

PCOS Remedy: Licorice Root Powder Helps Balance Hormones



PCOS and Hormonal Issues are the worst to live with.
Natural lifestyle and diet changes are the only REAL SOLUTION to eliminate the root causes for insulin resistance and hormonal imbalances that cause PCOS.

Licorice Root is a herbal remedy for PCOS symptoms that helps balance blood sugar levels, improves insulin sensitivity and has anti-androgen properties.

Licorice Root Powder is a great herbal remedy for PCOS ♀️

  1. It has natural anti-androgen properties - by maintaining estrogen balance in the body, Licorice helps promote regulated ovulation and improved fertility.
  2. Licorice helps balance hormones - reduces free and total testosterone levels
  3. Helps with less painful periods, improvement in both ovarian cysts & uterine fibroids - has anti-inflammatory properties
  4. Licorice is an all-natural treatment for insulin resistance & elevated blood-sugar levels
  5. It can improve gut health - boosts immunity
  6. Powdered licorice makes a great topical treatment for acne - It can help clear up skin by treating cystic acne
  7. It also protects the liver from toxins that may enter our bodies through food, medication and alcohol

How To Use Licorice Root Powder For PCOS?
The best way to use licorice root is to brew a home-made tea (hot or cold)

How to Make Licorice Root Powder Tea for PCOS?
Brew 1 teaspoon of licorice root powder for 1 cup of hot water for 5-15 minute. Sip & Enjoy!



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