Four Moringa Benfits for Mens Health

Four Moringa Benfits for Mens Health



Moringa oleifera, the miracle tree  is a tree valued for its nutritious leaves and purported medicinal properties.

Nearly every part of the plant has long been used in herbal medicine to treat more than 300 conditions 

The Moringa Plants studies have been promising and can help improve Men's Health specifically.

Here are 4 health benefits of Moringa Leaf Powder for men:

Promotes Prostrate Health

  • Moringa seeds and leaves are rich in sulfur-containing compounds called glucosinolates, which have anticancer properties.
  • Glucosinolates from the plant’s seeds prevents the growth of human prostate cancer cells.
  • Moringa also helps prevent benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). This condition typically is more common in older men and is characterized by enlargement of the prostate, which can make urination difficult.
  • It also helpsreduces prostate weight.
  • It also reduces the levels of prostate-specific antigen, high levels of which may be a sign of prostate cancer.

Helps Alleviate Erectile Dysfunction

An erictle dysfunction occurs when there a problem with the blood flow which may result from high blood pressure or diabetes. Moringa leaves contain beneficial plant compounds called polyphenols, which enhance blood flow by increasing nitric oxide production and decreasing blood pressure especially for those who have diabetes.

May improve fertility

Moringa leaves and seeds are excellent sources of antioxidants, which may help combat oxidative damage that can interfere with sperm production or damage sperm DNA. It improves semen volume as well as sperm count and mortality. The leaf extract also prevents with loss of sperm caused by excessive heat and chemotherapy.

May improve blood sugar control

Due to various reasons this condition is more prevalent in men than in women. Moringa leaf powder may lower the post-meal increase in blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of Moringa Powder to your daily diet to reap the helth benefits



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