Apricot Kernel Oil: 5 Healthy Skin Care Benefits



Pure Apricot Kernel Oil benefits your skin in extraordinary ways.

  1. It helps slow down aging
  2. It helps soften and sooth your beautiful skin
  3. It helps revive and replenish dry skin types

If you’re not yet using apricot oil in your skincare regimen, you should not wait much longer!

Here are some skin health benefits of our Pure Apricot Kernel Oil

1. Anti-ageing

Pure Apricot Kernel Oil contains essential vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids, essential fatty acids and more. High content of antioxidants makes it great for protecting, preventing and rejuvenating your skin (for all skin types).

Vitamin E found in Pure Apricot Kernel Oil is especially beneficial to reduce wrinkles on your face and aids in reducing skin ageing.

2. Helps prevent blackheads

Blackheads aren’t black because of trapped dirt, they’re actually black because the oil inside your pores has become oxidised (skin oils react with oxygen and have gone-off. Just like an apple browns).

Apricot oil can help stop this from happening because of its high antioxidant content. When the oil inside of your pores is protected, it doesn’t turn black and therefore not only are you protecting against future black headed spots, your pores will also look smaller and less visible. 

3. Rejuvenates dry, mature skin types

Pure Apricot Kernel Oil can help exfoliate your skin. It's Vitamin A (retinoid) content helps reboot your skin’s metabolism. Also helping brighten your skin tone, making it dewy and even - to look healthy and youthful.

4. Protects against dehydration

Pure Apricot Kernel Oil helps keep your skin hydrated and keeps skin function at its best.

5. Softens and soothes

Pure Apricot Kernel Oil can help soothe skin in need of aid. With a high content of oleic and linoleic fatty acids, it’s quickly absorbed, intensively nourishing and kindly soothing. Every skin type at some point will suffer from uncomfortable feelings. It could be tightness after bathing. Irritation after using too many exfoliants. Stinging sensations from overly potent skincare.

Ready to add Apricot oil into your daily skincare routine? 


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