Alzheimers Remedy: Coconut Oil!

Alzheimers Remedy: Coconut Oil!

Can Alzheimer's disease be prevented (or cured) by Coconut Oil?

Mary Newport, a paediatrician, dealt with her husbands Alzheimer’s disease with Coconut Oil!

His symptoms included confusion about how to do basic things like hold and use cutlery. He would forget things and then remember them a few days later…

His short term memory was reduced drastically and he would create new info in his brain later after some days.

He had therapy medication from the doctors but with no result. He got extremely underweight and went into depression as well. His motion got restricted, and he had many tremors too. Then his wife decided to pay attention to his diet.

She fed her husband two spoons full of coconut oil every day two times per day. Two months passed and the tremors were removed, and after a whole year he started recognizing faces and even spoke with the family. It was incredible that he could read again and improved cognition daily.

Its a true story, watch the video below:

What is the explanation behind this?
The primary source of energy for the brain is glucose. In Alzheimer's disease, it's believed that brain cells have difficulty metabolizing glucose. But the theory is that ketones that are produced in our bodies when digesting coconut oil may provide an alternative fuel source to keep the brain nourished. 

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