8 Things For Keto Diet Success

8 Things For Keto Diet Success


The Ketogenic Diet is all the hype these days and everyone has their own ways. This creates confusion & some see results while others just get frustrated.

Here are 8 things we think are important for achieving your weight loss goal by following the Keto Diet:

Eat High Fat
This sounds obvious (I know!) but there are too many people who are scared of "eating too much fat". Stop listening to your aunty (who doesn't know the first thing about Keto). 75% - 80% of your daily calories need to come from Fat for you to see significant results. 

Eat Low Carbohydrates
Again, it's super obvious! But there are those who just "cheat a tiny bit" & think that it is okay. There is no room to cheat with Ketogenic Diet. You need to force your body to go into Ketosis. And there is only one proper way of doing it: Consume less than 30grams of NET CARBS per day.

Be honest with yourself about what you’re eating and go with what works.

You can eat this whole Keto Bread every day and still be within your Carb limit.

Keep Your Protein In Check
Some people just go all out on the amount of Protein they are eating. Not saying that that is wrong but excess of everything is bad. More active people can afford to eat a lot more protein compared to people who get less exercise. At the end of the day, whatever the body doesn't use is/may be converted into fat.

So, find the right amount of protein for yourself - this may require some trial & error.

Consume Pink Rock Salt
Pink Rock Salt is essential! It is mineral-rich, that help increase activity levels, improve recovery & you’ll just feel good. Also, salt is pretty good on food.

If you’re keto, you NEED Pink Rock Salt!

Take Vitamin D & Magnesium
Vitamin D helps regulate insulin levels, improve lung function, immune system health & maintenance of bones and teeth. Also, if you’re pregnant, it’s an absolute MUST.


Magnesium is essential for energy conversion (from food to energy), muscle movement, utilizing protein, genetic maintenance, and regulation of your nervous system. It can lower blood pressure, help with headaches, help with insulin resistance, and it’s anti-inflammatory.

Get Vitamin D for FREE! One of the cool things about this vitamin is that you don’t have to do anything but go out into the sunlight to get some. Yes, the sunlight creates Vitamin D in your body.

Get Plenty Of Sleep
Sleep is fundamental for mental strength, immune health, recovery, clarity, stress management & weight loss. Most people think they need 8 hours of good sleep. And they may be right. But, the truth is, the higher your stress, the more sleep you really need. 

Lack of adequate sleep can lead to weight gain.

Drink Lots Of Water
Have a glass of water every hour (at least!).

The number one thing that will help with physical & mental health. Find a workout buddy, join the gym, go for a run ... do whatever exercise you prefer & be consistent.

You need to find what works for you in your life. Whatever works for you, do it with passion, zeal, gusto, and enjoyment. It’s worth it!


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