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Dried Cherries | Zero Added Sugar

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Premium sun-dried cherries will make your taste buds go wild! 

Add some deliciousness to your trail mixes or transform the simple recipes into fun and flavorful dishes with these nutrient rich, sweet and chewy dried cherries.

Zero added sugars or preservatives & sulfite free

    Health Benefits: 

    • Weight management: Cherries are rich in fiber but are low in calories, helping in weight loss. 
    • Healthy heart: Flavonoids found in cherries provide cardiovascular and anti-cancer benefits. It also aids in lowering bad cholesterol. 
    • Skin care: Loaded with Vitamin A, C and contains collagen making them good for nourishing skin and wound healing. 
    • Strong bones: Cherries are rich in iron, magnesium & calcium that helps improve bone health. 
    • Pain relief: Being rich in antioxidants, cherries help block inflammatory enzymes, reducing pain.
    • Better sleep: Presence of melatonin in them promotes a good night sleep.
    • Improved eyesight: Vitamin A in them is good for vision and reduces the chance of eye diseases. 
    • Good for PCOS:  Along with helping in weight loss, cherries have a low glycemic index that helps manage blood sugar level helping people with PCOS.

      Try adding them into your baked goods, enjoy them in your breakfast bowl, with the pancakes or oatmeal, use them to add colour to your cheese platters, mix them in your smoothies, Top ice cream or frozen yogurt, or mix with nuts and chocolate for a trail mix and granola bars. Sprinkle on salads and veggies or enjoy them as sweet candy. Great for kids too!



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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 7 reviews
        Noor Noor

        Every product are awesome your product flavour zabardasth and specially cardamombus Rush amazing flavour yumiest products Hain aapki inshallah Tala next time order phr mein dungi

        Muhammad Awais

        Sun Dried Cherries | Zero Added Sugar

        Mrs. Atif

        This is my second time order of dried cherries . These are really good , as i am doing keto so i cant eat raisin , so instead i use dried cherries in salads and also as a snack. And above all, my kids also like to eat it as a snack.

        Nighat Zahra

        I love these cherries. They are fresh,sugar free with no pits. Keep up the good work!

        Saba Baloch

        I like to use these dried cherries. Without adding shuger. Its organic. Properly packed