One the question that people always ask about CBD is: how long does it take CBD oil to work?

Before answering that question, there is one thing that needs to be understood: CBD works the same way as any vitamin or supplement would. It needs time to build up in your body to start doing its thing.

If you are starting to take CBD oil, here is something that you should do:

About an hour after each time you take CBD - write down any notable feelings or changes you notice. Track trends in your body and mind to really notice when CBD starts to work its magic.

Typically, people start noticing the difference after about 15 days of consuming CBD regularly. Some people might start noticing the difference right away, while others can take over a month of experimentation to find what’s right for them.

Bottom Line: Like vitamins and supplements, CBD will effect every body differently and you can take up to 4 weeks to start seeing changed/results.


We recommend taking CBD oil twice per day for a period of two weeks at least.

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